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2012 Robert C. Witt Award

Casey Rothschild
Casey Rothschild

The recipient of the 2012 Witt Award was Casey Rothschild, from Wellesley College, for “The Efficiency of Categorical Discrimination in Insurance Markets,” JRI June 2011, Vol. 78 #2, pp. 267-285.


Crocker and Snow (1986) show that banning categorization based on risk-related characteristics such as gender or race in pricing insurance policies is inefficient whenever categorization is costless. Their analysis, by contrast, suggests ambiguous welfare effects of banning costly categorization. I show that this latter conclusion is incorrect: categorical pricing bans are inefficient even when categorization is costly. Whenever the ban-imposing government can instead provide breakeven partial social insurance, it can remove its ban in such a way that the insurance market will choose to employ the categorizing technology only when doing so is Pareto improving.