American Risk and Insurance Association

2021 Robert I. Mehr Award

portrait of Rob Hoyt
Robert Hoyt
portrait of Andre Liebenberg
Andre Liebenberg

The recipient of the 2021 Mehr Award is Robert Hoyt and Andre Liebenberg for “The Value of Enterprise Risk Management.”


Enterprise risk management (ERM) has been the topic of increased media attention in recent years. The objective of this study is to measure the extent to which specific firms have implemented ERM programs and, then, to assess the value implications of these programs. We focus our attention in this study on U.S. insurers in order to control for differences that might arise from regulatory and market differences across industries. We simultaneously model the determinants of ERM and the effect of ERM on firm value. We estimate the effect of ERM on Tobin’s Q, a standard proxy for firm value. We find a positive relation between firm value and the use of ERM. The ERM premium of roughly 20 percent is statistically and economically significant.

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